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Martin Trenaman
Brian Capron
Main Cast

Kay Stonham.

Kay devised the series with her then partner, Simon Greenall. She wrote every episode, series 1 and 2 as co-writer with Simon and series 3 and 4 as sole writer.

She played Wendy in all episodes.


Simon Greenall

Simon was the joint creator of the series with Kay Stonham. He co-wrote series 1 and 2 with Kay, before leaving the partnership.

He played Robin in series 1 and 2.

Debra Stephenson

Played Maureen in series 1

Phil Cornwall

Played Derek in series 1

Amelia Bullmore

Played Maureen in series 2, 3 and 4

Martin Trenaman

Played Derek in series 2, 3and 4

Brian Capron

Played Robin in series 3 and 4

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