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Name: Ian
E-mail: ogan911@gmail.com
City: Bangor
State/Province: Anglesey
Country: Wales
Sent: 02/03/2017 10:21:16 pm

Absolutely love RAWWW.
Listened to 4 shows on radio 4 extra recently. But they have just stopped broadcasting them. Any ideas where I can listen to more?
Ta Ian

Name: Deb shepherd
E-mail: Louis200113@hotmaol.com
City: Long eaton
State/Province: Notts
Country: England
Sent: 01/30/2017 02:10:21 pm

Hi my husband and I absolutely love this show and can listen to each episode of all series over and over. First heard on radio 4 extra Please please tell us why we are not able to see the play button on the webpage and therefore are not able to listen anymore 😟
Name: rik
E-mail: rfreeman692002@yahoo.co.uk
City: Reading
Country: UK
Sent: 01/27/2017 06:21:13 pm

Am a latecomer to this series via R4X and long may the Beeb repeat them. It's so hard to put your finger on why the show works, what the magic is? Ultimately it is the writing of course but the characters, who apart from Wendy are not the sort you'd want to meet, are still appealing. Just wish it was available to buy as downloads!
Name: Karen
E-mail: Sweetbabyveg@icloud.com
City: Devon
Country: England
Sent: 01/11/2017 06:03:53 pm

I was overjoyed when I found this website for Robin and Wendy's Wet Weekends i for it is my favourite radio programme of all time!
I listen to it every day and never tire of it. Soooo funny, witty and clever it makes me so happy and comforted all at the same time. So thank you so very, very much.
However, at the moment the episodes will not play and instead of a play symbol in the top left hand corner of the page there is a triangle with a line through it.
Please could you get it to play again please?
From your biggest fan.....Karen

Name: Julie Banks
E-mail: Juliebanks93@gmail.com
Country: UK
Sent: 11/15/2016 11:05:11 pm

Thanks so much for this website. My husband introduced me to RAWWW and I've been looking for the online episodes everywhere.

Such fantastic writing.

Shame it didn't make it to tv.

Name: Ann Dixon
E-mail: lol.dixon@blueyonder.co.uk
City: Liverpool
Country: UK
Sent: 10/26/2016 09:52:34 pm

I have enjoyed the series since first hearing it on BBC4extra a few years ago. I haven't been able to understand why 4extra put your programme on at such weird times while other 'unfunny' programmes seem to take the top spots - won't mention them. I'm an avid listener, well done to all.

Name: Pogie Manson
E-mail: pogieuk1@btinternet.com
City: Paisley
Country: United Kingdom
Sent: 10/26/2016 05:33:23 pm

I just love this programme!
Name: Matt
E-mail: Cawood569@btinternet.com
City: Newcastle
Country: U.K.
Sent: 10/18/2016 08:59:37 pm

Thank you for the website. I love this comedy and it's great to have some background info and insight
Name: http://jak-inwestowac.co.pl
E-mail: merry_reddall@wildmail.com
HomePage: http://jak-inwestowac.co.pl
City: Utrecht
State/Province: UT
Country: Netherlands
Sent: 09/19/2016 04:58:49 pm

Inspiring quest there. What happened after? Take care!
Name: Miles Flanagan
E-mail: miles@parallaxstudioworks.com
HomePage: www.parallaxstudioworks.com
City: Los Angeles
State/Province: CA
Country: USA
Sent: 10/21/2015 08:17:06 pm

Love this show. Wish there were more episodes though. Including the incredible CABIN PRESSURE I'd say this was one of the best comedy shows of the last 2 decades. Simply brilliant. Funny and incredibly moving at times.
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